As a school kid, Rebecca diligently read the Dollarmite Club guidebook to figure out how to max her savings. At just eight she set a car fund in motion, and honed her financial fitness blitzing her friends at Monopoly.

So it’s no surprise that Rebecca is now a passionate and driven personal financial coach, bursting to help others to build wealth and live their best life.

“I find the creation of wealth fascinating. In fact it’s a borderline obsession!” she says.

Rebecca solidified her passion for finances with a Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne, followed by a few years in the corporate finance world at KPMG.

During that time, she was motivated to do more with her money, so she joined the Wealth Enhancers community as a member. WE’s philosophy of ‘Get Rich Slow’ struck such a chord that she jumped the fence to become a WE coach.

“It’s the path I was born to walk! I love allowing people to feel confident with finances and in control of their own destiny.”

Rebecca believes that building wealth should always be connected goals to keep people motivated and on track. She wants to open up the conversation about money, and get people excited about how they can make the best of their finances to have choice.

“Money, and the impact it has on your life and the wider community, can be a genuinely fascinating conversation!” she says.

This website stems from Rebecca’s unbridled enthusiasm to talk about financial wellbeing with her friends and family, and of course her much valued members.

“It’s a place where I’ll be sharing all the ideas I have for financial wellbeing, the experiences I see people go through with money, and the life issues that I ponder on the train in the morning!”