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AFA Rising Star Award

2018 AFA Rising Star of the Year Award

ANZ APEX insights feature article on Rebecca Pritchard winning the 2018 Association of Financial Advisers Rising Star of the Year Award.

Six steps to get financially fit this year.

Hit more than just the gym this Summer, Rebecca Pritchard talks to Your Money about how to get yourself up to financially strong in 2019.


YOLO investment approach a Millennials’ minefield

“You only live once” thinking kills long-term wealth creation for young people.

Investing is long-term wealth building - stop thinking and start doing

A multitude of ways to follow a strategy for your needs.

ASX Investment Talks

Rebecca Pritchard from Wealth Enhancers help answer these key questions for Millennials who know they need to invest, but need help getting started.

Why Millennials favour ETFs

Simplicity and cost of Exchange Traded Funds a hit with younger investors.

'What I should have told myself about investing at age 21'

ASX Investor Update asked  financial advisers, ‘what is the one piece of investment advice yourself should have given yourself when you turned 21?’, in hindsight.

How to invest for your kids’ education through the sharemarket

ASX Investor Update asked financial advisers, ‘how would you get the best bang for your buck when planning for your kids' education?’.

Five rookie mistakes when you start investing

Not investing early is the biggest mistake of all.

Why financial literacy for women matters

On the back of recent Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey results, Clover.com.au explored why this a big deal and what can be done about it.